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Followers of Bhagwan on a hill


The wild Seventies. A quest for higher consciousness, spirituality and sexual freedom. In England, young Hugh Milne hears the voice of spiritual teacher Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh on an audiotape and travels to India in search of his own self. Sheela Patel, a young Indian woman, is brought to the charismatic guru by her father. At 21, she knows: all she wants is to be with this man.

In his Ashram in Poona, Bhagwan urges his disciples to meditate and practise tantric sex in order to reach a higher plane of consciousness. Hugh watches the guru's ascent as his bodyguard. Sheela becomes his secretary and the powerful boss of Bhagwan's model community born in the mountains of Oregon in the Eighties. 5000 young people aspire to build an ideal community as an example to the world. The guru, decried as "sex-guru" by the Western media in the 1970s, is now making headlines with his Rolls-Royces. The dream turns into a nightmare, for Hugh into a mental breakdown, for Sheela into a prison sentence. Where did it begin to go wrong?

«GURU – Bhagwan, His Secretary & His Bodyguard» – a spiritual journey into the depths and abysses of the human soul.

Meditation with Bhagwan


Production: Philip Delaquis, Das Kollektiv für audiovisuelle Werke GmbH
Written & Directed by: Sabine Gisiger and Beat Häner
Directors of Photography: Beat Häner, Matthias Kälin
Sound Recordists: Saul Rouda, Martin Witz
Editing: Barbara Weber
Music: Marcel Vaid
Song: Raphelson
Sounddesign/Mix: Roman Bergamin

Followers next to Bhagwans Rolls Royce

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